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Camp Sunrise, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all the campers, families, staff, and volunteers we serve. We will continue to work closely with the American Camping Association (ACA) and the Children’s Oncology Camping Association (COCA) to navigate the pathway of implementing safe and engaging in-person camp programming.

We Are Volunteers

Our passion for Camp Sunrise, Inc.  inspires us to lend our hearts and hands to the programs, events, and magic behind the scenes. We are young, middle-aged and everything in between, united by our love for CAMP.


Our cost-free camps (for children ages 6-18) and our day camp (without overnight, ages 4-5) are run by enthusiastic and caring volunteers within a comfortable and medically supervised environment. Our volunteers are committed to making sure that each child has an experience they will remember forever. 


Much like our campers, Camp Sunrise, Inc. volunteers describe their time at camp as a life-changing experience. They appreciate a shared purpose and the privilege to be around some of the most remarkable people they have ever met. We recruit more than 100 volunteers every year. From cooks to counselors, to programming staff, our volunteers are invaluable to the kids and the camps.


Camp Sunrise Volunteer
Camp Sunrise Volunteer Group

Anyone 19 and older who has graduated from high school can apply to be a camp volunteer.  Our Camp family welcomes new and returning volunteers. Please review our extensive list of volunteer opportunities.


  • Leadership

  • Day Volunteers 

  • Staff (including programming staff and counselors)

  • Logistics

  • Activities Coordinators

  • Assistant Leader-in-Training Coordinators

  • Assistant Applications Coordinator

  • Camper Relations Coordinators

  • Marketing Coordinator


Please feel free to contact our directors (listed below) with any volunteer questions.  We utilize the Camp Docs platform for onboarding volunteers; for inquiries, please email our Applications Coordinator for Camp Sunrise,  Camp SunSibs, or Camp at Hopkins.

Camp Sunrise Volunteer Sunsibs

May 24- 27 2024

Camp Sunrise Volunteer Sunrise

July 28 - August 3, 2024

Camp Sunrise Volunteer at Hopkins

July 29, July 31, August 2 2024

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