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believes no child or family should experience childhood cancer alone.
It is the support and compassion from our campers, volunteers, medical team, and staff that create the essence of Camp
and bring us together each year. 

Camp Sunrise


Camp Sunrise’s mission is to provide joyful and nurturing camping experiences that foster confidence, friendship, and fun for children and families on their cancer journey. 


A pathway of healing, hope, and lifelong well-being for children after childhood cancer.

Camp Sunrise About Mission

Camp Sunrise

Camp Sunrise, Inc. is in its 36th year!  Each year we have three volunteer-driven, cost-free camping experiences for children with cancer and their siblings: Camp Sunrise, Camp SunSibs, and Camp at Hopkins. 


Camp Sunrise is supported by incredible volunteers, counselors, staff, medical staff, donors, charitable organizations, and families that continually work hard to help manage the camp and fulfill our commitment to providing campers with a safe, enjoyable, and stimulating camping experience. One hundred percent of Camp Sunrise donations are directed towards planning, managing, and operating our three camps, managed by our Executive Director, Stephanie Davis, and our Board of Directors.

Our Story

The American Cancer Society (ACS) established Camp Sunrise in 1987, and Camp Sunsibs in 1997. Two ACS staff members solely and generously oversaw management, camper support, and assumed all fundraising responsibilities for the operation of both camps. They attended all volunteer planning committee meetings and were on-site during each camp session. 

In 2009, the Johns Hopkins Division of Pediatric Oncology, under the leadership of Division Director, Dr. Donald Small, assumed administrative, legal, financial, and medical support for Camp Sunrise. Camp SunSibs became active again in 2013 and Camp at Hopkins was established in 2018. 

The camps have grown tremendously over the years and in 2020, it was decided to continue the non-profit activities of the camp under a newly formed nonprofit organization, Camp Sunrise, Inc., to enable the camp to grow and more effectively use its resources to benefit the community. The Johns Hopkins Division of Pediatric Oncology, on an annual basis, will continue to provide the Medical Director and the 70+ medical volunteers who staff the camps.

Camp Sunrise About Story

Our Staff

We all found camp in our own way - some of us have been here since day one, others are former campers and still others are new to our Camps – but we share one thing in common – we are dedicated to ensuring the vibrancy of our mission — providing joyful and nurturing camping experiences that foster confidence, friendship and fun for children and families on their cancer journey. 

We are a dedicated group of volunteers, 19 years of age and older consisting of parents, teachers, cancer survivors, college students, young adults, and professionals.


Camp SunSibs


Camp Sunrise About Michell

Camp at Hopkins



Camp Sunrise

Staffing Director

Camp Sunrise About Kenny

Camp at Hopkins &

Camp SunSibs

Nurse Liaison


Camp SunSibs

Staffing Director

STAFF- Steph Davis_edited_edited.jpg

Camp Sunrise, Inc. 

Executive Director

Camp Sunrise About Dr Zhang

Camp Sunrise

Medical Director

Our Volunteer Team

We are always in need of new programming staff, counselors and volunteers. 

Camp Sunrise About Sunsibs
May 24 - 27, 2024

EMAIL: Becca Adleberg
Camp Sunrise About Sunrise
July 28 - August 3, 2024

EMAIL: Christina Cubera
Camp Sunrise About Sunrise at Hopki s
July 29, July 31, Aug 2 2024

EMAIL: Michelle Ruhf

Our Board of Directors

Alex Johnston, Interim Chair
Amy Sponseller
Anne Efron, Treasurer
Ashley Richards
Becca Adleberg
Brian Johnson
Christina Cubera
Cindy Hearn
Donald Kirk, Vice-Chair
Jennifer Endres
Joe Hebda
Jonny White
Lindy Zhang, MD
Marina Cooper
Mary Dorman
Michelle Ruhf
Patricia Kirk, Vice-Chair
Stephanie Davis, Executive Director
Susan Edwards, Secretary

I found out about SunSibs from my sister Mimi because she attends Camp Sunrise and told me all of her adventures that she experienced. I love camp because I can connect with others who share the same story.


Camp SunSibs Camper

I LOVE Camp Sunrise! It is truly a magical place where children with cancer can experience summer camp with no restrictions.



Previous Camp Sunrise Camper

After finishing 28 months of treatment, I’m still excited to return each summer and see the friends I’ve made at camp. I can’t wait to be a counselor when I’m old enough so I can help kids like me feel more comfortable about having cancer and have as much fun as possible.


Camp Sunrise Camper

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