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Camp Sunsibs is a volunteer-driven, cost free, weekend overnight camp for siblings of children who have been diagnosed with cancer, held each Memorial Day.  Siblings of our Camp Sunrise campers, ages 5-17, come together to have fun as they better understand the emotions and impact a cancer diagnosis brings to an entire family. The program offers each participant the opportunity to experience their own uniqueness and spend time with other children who have suffered the difficult emotions that accompany having a sibling with cancer.


Through an exciting camp experience, campers are given opportunities to establish strong peer relationships with others who

share similar experiences, and enhance self-confidence by trying new activities offered at camp.

The camp offers campfires, swimming, nature hikes, archery, sports and games, arts and crafts, special events and a dance.

A Day In The Life Of A Camper

Camp Sunsibs Staff

Camp Sunsibs Forms

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